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Additionally to the usual pharmaceutical services, such as blood preßure measurement and blood glucose monitoring, drug and vaccination advice, we offer the following additional services:
  • Creative packaging for gifts and sales of gift vouchers (also suitable for companies!) - please ask for our wrapping service
  • Adjustment joint medical bandages (knee, wrist and hand)
  • Control and preparation of travel-, home- and busineß first-aid-kits
  • Delivery of infusion devices to our general practitioners Dr. Schnell and Dr. Spatzenegger
  • Daily Lenses with several diopter strength and suitable eye care products
  • Mother and child care (breastfeeding, nursing, health, ...)
  • Cosmetic and perfume products of companies like Artdeco, L'Occitane, Burberry, George Gina & Lucy and Van Cleef and Arpels and others
  • And much more for your health and well-being